Mess Made by Gypsy Moths

This section shows examples of the mess made by gypsy moths.

Gypsy Moth Mess

When gypsy moths are up in the trees chewing on leaves, they are at the same time defecating. Hundreds, or maybe even thousands, are poo-ing all the time they are eating. They drop little dry brown spheres. You can actually hear them falling; it sounds like it is raining. It is, it is raining poo. It gets all over the driveway, the deck, your cars, even you. (Hint: Don't go out without a hat). When it rains, the poo spheres dissolve into brown slop spots. Ugly!

Gypsy Moths Mess On Driveway

Gypsy Moths Poo all over the driveway.

Gypsy Moth Mess Near the Deck

This Mess is on a flagstone walkway.